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Your Lucky Numbers


“One man’s meat can be another man’s poison”


This also applies to individual lucky numbers.


  • A set of good numbers are able to attract better luck and better fortune.
  • Use your personal lucky numbers to replace the unfavourable numbers for enhancement.
  • Allow the lucky numbers to improve your prosperity, making your wishes come true.


A set of lucky numbers is like the master key to your treasure chest. If you do not have the master key, you cannot unlock your treasure chest in your life.


Unlock The Secret Numbers of Your Life

  • A two-digit number, four-digit number, six-digit number or eight-digit number will be identified, depending on your requirements.
  • The number combinations, are derived from checking with the 384 signs ( 签 q iān), which are being developed from the 64 hexagrams ( 卦 guà ) of I Ching ( 易经 yì jīng) , Book of Changes.


Where To Use Your Lucky Numbers

  • Mobile Phone Number
  • Business Telephone Number
  • Business Fax Number
  • Car Plate Number
  • ATM Pin Number
  • Money Safe Password Number
  • Email Password Number
  • Other Places Where Numbers Are Required


These mystic lucky numbers will help you to improve your luck and fortune through time. This is not an overnight solution transforming from rags to riches.


If you choose to believe, you will benefit from the changes you are going to make.