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Phenomena at Work

At Lee Metaphysics Consulting, we have different type of consultations to cater to your complete needs.


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Contact Anthony Lee @ +65 8612 5551 for a friendly chat over the phone for a discussion, OR

email at leemetaphysics@gmail.com


Unlock A Better Future For Yourself and Your Love Ones






  • Difficulty in seeking employment
  • Suitability of industry to join (For those who wish to change jobs)
  • Improve your sales figures (For sales professionals)


Business Owners

  • Low sales revenue
  • Hire the wrong staff






  • Career Analysis (Assess Suitability of Career)
  • Decode Your Lucky Numbers
  • Chinese Name Audit Analysis
  • New Name Selection for Adult
  • New Born Baby Name Selection
  • Date Selection ( C-Section, Wedding, Moving Home, Renovation, New Job, etc)



  • Feng Shui for HDB Flat
  • Feng Shui for Private Condominium
  • Feng Shui for Landed Property


Corporate Business

  • New Business Premise Selection
  • New Business Name Selection (English and Chinese)
  • Date Selection ( Business Registration, Renovation, Business Opening, Moving Office)
  • Feng Shui for Business Premise
  • Feng Shui for Office / Work Station


Special Projects

  • Date Selection for Various Events (Marketing Seminar, Roadshows, Family Day)
  • Feng Shui for Events (Venue, Booths)
  • Candidates for Employment