Mountain Range
Mountain Range

Kathleen, Talent Search Manager

​I have been engaging Anthony's consultation for a few years.


Anthony has been giving a very detailed and in-depth forecast for my yearly and desk fengshui analysis.

These bring me with very sound and strategic enhancements over my upcoming year of work opportunities, personal wealth and more.

Mountain Range

Julie, Financial Advisor

Two years ago, I contacted Anthony to take a look at my daughter’s room floor plan as we were trying to do some adjustment to the interior design. I wanted to boost our daughter’s study abilities to prepare for her for the A-Levels exams, as she has always been an average student.


Anthony suggested a position for the study table and we just followed as per advice. My daughter got her A-Level’s result this year (2020). She scored 3 As and 2 Bs, which is a surprising good result to us.

Mountain Range

Kelvin, Business Owner

I engaged Anthony to take a look at my office in 2018 to assist in the company’s sales, as well as to increase customer base. We also lost many deals while we were chasing to close them. 


Anthony took time to analyse the office and gave his recommendations. I made the changes and my business has been smooth sailing with minimal obstacles.

Julie, Financial Advisor

Julie, Financial Advisor

Kathleen, Talent Search

Mountain Range
Mountain Range
Mountain Range

Ashnita, Actress

I would like to extend my heart-felt thanks to Master Anthony Lee for being so dedicated. He made the effort to fully understand my situation.


He was prompt and patient in clearing my doubts and meeting my requests. All details were clearly explained. I would highly recommend him to everyone!

Mountain Range


Master Anthony Lee

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